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Member Updates

Volunteers are sought to "re-imagine" the SPSP Convention. A Task Force is being created to review alternative programming formats, scheduling opportunities, and other options to enhance the SPSP Convention experience. To be considered to serve on the task force, click here. 
The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology invites nominations for the Heritage Initiative Wall of Fame. This initiative recognizes senior scientists who have made distinguished contributions to Personality-Social Psychology during their career, and whose nomination is supported by contributions to the Foundation's dissertation grants program.  
Mark Leary, SPSP President  
The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology (FPSP), in collaboration with SAGE Publications, has announced the SAGE Young Scholars Awards 2015 recipients. The awardees receive a one-time award of $5,000 to be used at their discretion for research, study, or conference travel-related purposes. Five awards are presented each year to young scholars representative of the broad spectrum of personality and social psychology research areas.   
The enormous APA convention is not often the first conference that personality and social psychologists think about when they strategize about where to present their research.  There is a perception that only practicing clinicians attend APA.  While it’s true that the crowd is heavily clinical, there is also lots of great personality and social psychology that takes place as well.  At the 2014 convention, our division put on talks by Jamie Pennebaker, Wendy Wood, Phillip Zimbardo, Rebecca Shiner, Brian Nosek, Keith Humphreys, and many others.  There were symposia on implicit attitudes, emotion regulation, climate change, and personality development.
  Congratulations to the SPSP Twitter Team selected for SPSP's 2015 Annual Convention!   The Twitter Team has the opportunity to share highlights of the latest research in social and personality psychology relating to the 2015 Annual Convention in Long Beach.