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Character  &  Context

The Science of Who We Are and How We Relate
Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
by Sam Maglio
Subtle features of the names of people and places affect how far away we think they are.

by Sheridan Wilbur & Patty Van Cappellen
Photo of young Muslim woman praying
Why don’t people stand on their heads to pray?

by Daniel Jolley, Karen Douglas, Ana Leite, and Tanya Schrader
Man peeping over top of laptop
If you have recently fallen under the grip of a conspiracy theory, you may be more likely to engage in a petty crime in the future.

by Samantha Stronge
Young Asian girl lying on grass with her small dog
Growing up without siblings appears to have very little impact on people’s personalities.

by Gillian Murphy
Image of a man with a computer monitor for a head, screen reads breaking news
Exposure to fake news can create false memories, especially when the stories are in line with our beliefs.

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Everything that people think, feel, and do is affected by some combination of their personal characteristics and features of the social context they are in at the time. Character & Context explores the latest insights about human behavior from research in personality and social psychology, the scientific field that studies the causes of everyday behaviors.  

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