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What WAS that Masked Man Saying? How Wearing a Mask May Influence Our Interactions with Other People

Young man and woman with face masks chat in office
We know that masks can reduce COVID-19 transmission, but how are they affecting our ability to communicate with each other? A psychologist who studies how well people understand each other offers some speculations.

Two Reasons Why COVID-19 May Help Donald Trump Get Re-elected

Hand silhouette hold covid 19 virus. Logo of USA presidental Election 2020 in background.
COVID-19 may help Trump for two reasons: COVID-19 is killing many more people in blue states than in red states, and death promotes political conservatism.

Will the Pandemic Change Political Attitudes?

African Asian Caucasian women protest coronavirus epidemic
Science weighs in on whether the crisis caused by COVID-19 will likely lead to increased socialism, liberalism, conservatism, racism, and/or xenophobia.

COVID-19 and a Hope for Unity

image of children drawing a rainbow
Could COVID-19 be like the extra-terrestrials in alien-invasion movies—a precursor of hope?

The Misfortune of Being Fortunate

Woman on bus looking out window
Sometimes being spared suffering can take its own toll on mental health.

You Can Agree to Disagree (or Not)

Finger art of couple. Woman showing thumbs up and man showing thumbs down.
Surprisingly, some people who are certain that their views are correct are also tolerant of those with different perspectives.

“Let’s Stay Safe; Please Keep Your Distance”: How to Politely Ask Other People to Maintain Social Distance

Couple separated while sitting on a couch
In our efforts to maintain social distance, asking other people to stay a safe distance away can be awkward and difficult. But research on how people make and interpret requests offers a solution.

What Research on Isolated Groups Tells Us about Dealing with Social Isolation in the Face of COVID-19

Illustration of people confined in home under quarantine
Sequestering ourselves during the coronavirus pandemic is stressful and challenging, but social psychology provides hints about how to manage.